Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Three Business Ideas

1. An app that uses an algorithm  (perhaps consulted with a dermatologist or scanning images on google) where you can scan a mole and have the app tell you how likely it is to develop into melanoma. You can also save the pictures in the app, get alerts when to go to the dermatologist, track the progress of the mole and save various moles on your body. Would have to disclaim it's not medical advice. But would be quick and easy for people who are hypochondriac but want a quick way to get some insight into their mole. BUT SHOULD STILL SEE A DR. (Will likely use this as business plan)

2. An anonymous app that lets women connect with each other for essentials. I know this is harder for truly impoverished women who do not have access to tech. But for things like feminine needs, maybe a teenager too scared to talk to parent, things like that, they can meet at safe locations and exchange items. Still thinking about specifics of item exhange.

3. An app that lets you type in the name of an ingredient from a food product and gives you all the down and dirty details the FDA doesn't want you to know. Obviously the hitch in this is finding out those details. But for exampe reading a red bull can and want to know what taurine is. You type it in and save it. Maybe you can then get it to give you a list of common items that contain it and which to avoid. Or aspartamine or niacinamide. I know you can find it on google, but it would be really handy to have it in an app. As a health nut, I love consolidating things like that. 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


I'm hoping I can learn about myself more in this class, as well as some real-world anecdotal experiences that I can use to understand more about the entrepreneurial world, and how to navigate it (even if it's just in a business setting). I am not very comfortable talking about myself but I like hearing about others and I like learning about others. It is interesting the way that, during the second class, humans were almost presented as pieces of a puzzle, and in order to build a team, you look at your strengths and weaknesses to figure yourself out as part of a puzzle, and how you "fit in" with others who might complement your particular set of the above. However, I missed the first class, and am struggling with the layout of the course: I am very used to canvas, and getting my dates/deadlines/ etc from there (I can't even figure out where to find the syllabus) so I understand I am at fault for missing the first class however I think it should be easier for students to access the course materials, especially since there was no feasible way for me to actually know the proper email protocol considering I couldn't access the syllabus to learn it in order to have my email noticed when emailing about catchup.